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Top 50 Project Managers Interview Questions

Here are top 50 interview questions asked to Project Managers curated by top HR and Agile Coaches: How will you define a project? A project is a set of task/activities undertaken to create a product, services or results. These are temporary,… Continue Reading →

35 Google’s Tricky Interview Questions

Do you have an IQ more than 130? This question is put to check “Intellectual Humility” and “Yes” could be the worst answer to this. Remembering your IQ score sends a wrong message of your insecurity and self-aggrandizement. What shall we have for… Continue Reading →

How Interviewers Try To Figure Out Who You Really Are?

If you want to hire a great candidate, you’d better ask the right questions. And sometimes, the questions that tell you the most about a person are the ones that seem the least likely to yield anything relevant. From hypothetical elephants… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Ways to Nail the Interview

Just use these 10 points to do before any interview to completely nail it: Breathe deeply, and try not to panic. That was easy. Phew! Try to set up your meeting for one full week (five business days) from the… Continue Reading →

Why Is Scrum Called Scrum?

A question asked at an interview on the role for a tester: When Jeff Sutherland created the scrum process in 1993, he borrowed the term “scrum” from an analogy put forth in a 1986 study by Takeuchi and Nonaka, published… Continue Reading →

Interviewing and Selling Yourself

Career development center senior survival sessions by Mylene Barizo, Vice President of Human Resources Recruiting, Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Washington and Alaska).

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