“The good life is a process, not a state of being.” – Carl Rogers

Start by focusing on how your clients will feel when they no longer have the issue you are helping them with. Then develop a procedure to get them there that you can explain. You want to know when the start date is, how long it lasts, what the end goal is, how many people can sign up, what it costs and what they get. This is the value and it is a great way to differentiate yourself.

Essentially, people like to know what they will get and by when. You will want to have an outline of steps on how you get your clients to the results they want. Design your program in a way that your clients will love it and you will love it. This is where you get to be creative and think outside of the box. You can create a signature method. Maybe it’s a group method or a private hands-on approach or something that the world has never seen.

Create a clear message of what you and your clients will accomplish together so it is easy for them to decide if it’s something they want. This takes away the need for you to sell yourself because it is clear what you offer and how they can join.

Focus on the results that your client will get and work backwards. If you spend too much time creating complicated membership levels and too many webinars, seminars and calls with no goal, you will get lost in the details and discouraged.

However if you keep your programs simple, straightforward, and scalable, you will be able to charge more and keep your sanity while having financial security.

An example of a program is “A 6-Week Program to Help You Grow Your E-commerce Business so You Can Be Self-Employed.” It has a time frame and an end result. Always focus on the end result and how long it will take your potential clients to get there and you have a perfect program.