In this video, Devin talked about what components are needed when making an accurate schedule for your project. He reminded us that it’s important not to get bogged down in the details, but keep it simple, keep it at a high level, but also make sure you can give business owners and stakeholders an idea of the time frame.

Then, follow these four steps:

  • Get a decent estimate by using parametric estimating templates to build your breakdown structure
  • Plug the schedule by compartmentalizing and grouping your breakdown structure into different tasks
  • Load up the team into your project schedule
  • Plan for contingency and make sure to do so at natural breaks in the project

Don’t forget that when the most important two things that influence your scheduling a realistic and accurate project are a good project manager and a great team.

Pro-Tip: When scheduling your project team note the percentage they’re dedicated to your project. For example, if they’re not 100% dedicated to your project plug them into your schedule at 50%. Even if the team member is fully dedicated to the project only schedule them 80%, anything more isn’t realistic, considering they’ll be called away periodically or need downtime.

As Devin pointed out, simplifying is crucial to an accurate schedule. CEO Jason Westland applies this methodology to the larger picture in his article 5 Ways to Simplify Your Project.

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