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Agile software development

Sprint Planning Meeting

The Sprint planning meeting is time-boxed to 8 hours and consists of two segments that are time-boxed to 4 hours each. The first segment is for selecting Product Backlog; the second segment is for preparing a Sprint Backlog. The attendees are… Continue Reading →

Abnormal Termination of a Sprint

Agile development is all about adapting to change. It is explicitly called out in the second principle behind the Agile Manifesto, “Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage.” This is why, in Scrum, the Product… Continue Reading →

Making Scrum Principles And Practices The “New Normal.”

In traditional project management, the goal often expressed by practitioners is the well-known idea of fulfilling the obligations of the triple constraints of meeting time, budget and scope. Despite this, most frame this under the common familiar phrase of getting a project done “on time and under budget.” A common misperception with… Continue Reading →

Scrum is simple and well defined, but difficult.

The roles and practices of Scrum are simple and well defined, but the practice can be difficult. Although Scrum is about a “mind-set” or adoption of a “culture” with ceremonies designed to make the culture thrive, there are specific roles and practices that are vital to… Continue Reading →

Scrum has become very popular, but it is not always “pure.”

There’s a common belief that the vast majority of organizations adopting and integrating Scrum come from a Waterfall-like background. This was supported by 49% of respondents either used Scrum in addition to an existing Waterfall method or used it for some projects while using Waterfall for the rest. 13% use… Continue Reading →

Scrum Adoption Factors

The common belief that the vast majority of organizations adopting and integrating Scrum come from a Waterfall-like background was supported by the survey. 24% use Scrum for some projects while using Waterfall for the rest. 13% use Scrum exclusively, while 31% indicate no use of Waterfall. 23% felt it… Continue Reading →

How Often and Why They Use Scrum?

In terms of current Agile approaches, Scrum leads the way, take a look at the stats Scrum 40% Kanban (15%) Lean (11%) Whereas, in more findings, it was revealed that: 19% of the participants used Scrum for up to a quarter of their projects that… Continue Reading →

Key Findings

While 41% of organizations are jumping into Agile waters without requiring a specific certification of their employees, 54% either agree or strongly agree that a certification such as the Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) improves their chances of sustained success. Culture is king in the Agile world—and according to a majority… Continue Reading →

Did you know?

For participants running Scrum projects, 41% have a dedicated ScrumMaster role. 24% of our participants have a Product Owner role that is in alignment with Scrum best practices, with that individual having the authority to set business priorities for the… Continue Reading →

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