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Scrum is simple and well defined, but difficult.

The roles and practices of Scrum are simple and well defined, but the practice can be difficult. Although Scrum is about a “mind-set” or adoption of a “culture” with ceremonies designed to make the culture thrive, there are specific roles and practices that are vital to… Continue Reading →

Did you know?

For participants running Scrum projects, 41% have a dedicated ScrumMaster role. 24% of our participants have a Product Owner role that is in alignment with Scrum best practices, with that individual having the authority to set business priorities for the… Continue Reading →

Difference Between Project Manager & ScrumMaster

Over the last several years, many have wrestled with the question of how to make the difference between project manager and ScrumMaster, between coach and boss, more readily understood. How can this explain the shift in a way that is easy… Continue Reading →

Why The ScrumMaster?

Why is the person called by such a strange name like “ScrumMaster” for the person who facilitates Scrum projects? Why didn’t everyone continue to use the standard title “project manager”? Maybe to highlight the extent to which the responsibilities of the… Continue Reading →

Scrum Artifacts

Product Backlog The requirements for the system or product being developed by the project are listed in the Product Backlog. The Product Owner is responsible for the contents, prioritization, and availability of the Product Backlog. The Product Backlog is never complete,… Continue Reading →

Scrum Flow

  A Scrum project starts with a vision of the system to be developed. The vision might be vague at first, perhaps stated in market terms rather than system terms, but it will become clearer as the project moves forward. The… Continue Reading →

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