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A Scrum Master Is Not a Project Manager by Another Name

Contrary to popular belief, the ScrumMaster and project manager roles are highly different and shouldn’t be confused. As more companies migrate their project management to Agile, many do so without a proper understanding of what they’re aiming for. In particular, there are incorrect… Continue Reading →

Bringing Order from Chaos With Scrum

In software development organizations, chaos often results when a project’s complexity is greater than its managers’ ability to direct meaningful progress toward a goal. Progress might be made in fits and starts, but it is often indiscernible and unsatisfactory. Scrum cuts through… Continue Reading →

Difference Between Project Manager & ScrumMaster

Over the last several years, many have wrestled with the question of how to make the difference between project manager and ScrumMaster, between coach and boss, more readily understood. How can this explain the shift in a way that is easy… Continue Reading →

Why The ScrumMaster?

Why is the person called by such a strange name like “ScrumMaster” for the person who facilitates Scrum projects? Why didn’t everyone continue to use the standard title “project manager”? Maybe to highlight the extent to which the responsibilities of the… Continue Reading →

Scrum Flow

  A Scrum project starts with a vision of the system to be developed. The vision might be vague at first, perhaps stated in market terms rather than system terms, but it will become clearer as the project moves forward. The… Continue Reading →

Agile Project Management Tips

Iteration / Release Planning Tips Produce Something Useful. Fundamentally, an iteration should be just long enough so that you can get something useful done. Shorter is Better. 4 –6 weeks should be the maximum. Some teams have iterations that are… Continue Reading →

Agile Basics

A successful Agile development process has the potential to transform a waterfall development organization from slow, mammoth releases to quick iterative release cycle. Once an organization has a firm grip on Agile basics, moving from a yearly release cycle to… Continue Reading →

What Does A ScrumMaster Do?

Why should the ScrumMaster and Project Manager roles be filled different people? Will a ScrumMaster for a team of 10 be a full time position or can a programmer fill this position if highly trained in agile planning? Behind those questions is the assumption that the… Continue Reading →

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